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State and Local Lobbying

We achieve our clients' goals at the state and local level.  With proven track records at the General Assembly in Dover, and in Delaware's three counties and numerous municipalities,we have you covered. Our partners know that truly effective state  and local lobbying requires day-to-day presence, and face-to-face efforts to take your issue and your message to elected or agency officials. It requires knowing the history, politics, and culture of local jurisdictions, and of earning the trust and respect of local officials.  


Policy Monitoring and Analysis

Policy monitoring and analysis is the core of everything we do. Advancing our clients' objectives relies on our ability to collect good information and to put it in context.  Our partners are authorities in a range of policy areas, including health, infrastructure, transportation, technology, education, communications media, finance and law. We dig deep and wide, and distill the information for our clients.

We know that clients don't just need to know what happened; they need to know why it matters. We provide clients with analytics that put events in context and explain their significance. Our analyses help our clients anticipate issues and opportunities and devise constructive responses to fast moving developments.

In addition to meeting individual client needs for periodic internal reports, our partners are adept at producing a variety of external policy-related materials.  We help clients prepare white papers, media talking points, legislative testimony and support materials, and responses to governmental requests for information.


Political Visibility 

We recognize that your visibility with state and local elected and appointed officials matters. We assist with relationship building and strategic networking to benefit our clients' organizations. We help with reputation management, and provide seasoned leadership in the event of a public or political crisis.

In the area of government affairs, visibility means more than brand recognition.  Visibility means that the right governmental officials know our clients' business operations and institutional culture, their community service efforts, and their capacity for public collaboration. Our clients are encouraged to engage outside the context of specific legislative or regulatory issues, in order to build relationships for the future. We have the bipartisan network and the short and long-term commitments to client success that make it possible for us to implement a strategic plan that is effective and supports organic visibility-raising campaigns.


Government, business, and advocacy experience

The veteran professionals who founded Hamilton Goodman Partners know how government works because we have served - as appointees in Democratic and Republican administrations, and as private sector advocates for a wide range of interests. The partners together have experience both in and out of government.  Our partners have served as a top in-house government affairs official with major corporations and as a partner in a major Delaware law firm representing business clients before government bodies.  We are fluent in the languages of both business and politics.


Procurement and Government Grants

HGP successfully guides companies through the process of obtaining government contracts, grants, and loans, at state, local, and federal levels. As new entrants always face barriers to access, this is among the most challenging and important service we provide. We know that dealing with state and local organizations, red tape, and fierce competition can make a company think twice before seeking a government contract or grant. We also know that the opportunities are significant for those who persist - half a trillion in procurement dollars, and hundreds of billions more in grants and loans are awarded by government at all levels.  We work with our clients to see the government not just as a regulator, but as a potential customer, investor, and financier.


Crisis Management

A major public crisis can, in a matter of hours or days, undermine years of hard work, and can leave clients with daunting reputational, legal, and financial challenges.  In this era of the 24 hour news cycle, where pressure to respond quickly is intense, it is vitally important to have an experienced crisis manager at the helm when confronted with an unforeseen media report, event, or issue. We work to help our clients emerge from the crucible of a crisis with their brand and business intact.


Boutique Service

We are committed to offering service based on personal relationships.  The lobbyist you hire is the lobbyist you get. We prioritize frequent communication, tailored solutions, and creative thinking. We believe in - and conduct our business with - practicality, candor, tenacity, high ethical standards, and hustle.